3D Plasma Cutting:

3D Plasma MESSER:

3D plasma cutting
- In September 2010 our organization launched the production at 3D CNC plasma machine
Technical parameters:
2,5 x 8m
Max.head tilt:
- This powerful and precise cutting machine with CNC control system is designed for accurate shape cutting of all structural steels, stainless steels, aluminum and copper. Mutual displacement of the portal on a linear track guiding in conjunction with Hypertherm plasma system allows high cat quality and precision of the cat parts. In holes burning it is necessary to count with a minimum hole 1.5 times of the material thickness.
- This device allows 2D and 3D cutting at different angles, thus significantly saves machine time as well as handling time, detail clamping and unclamping.

Production conditions:

- By plasma cutting the surface is less violated than by oxygen cutting, though, it is necessary to count with a 5º burnt undercutting. The undercutting is more significant in the edges of the burnt.
- The burnts are delivered with a rough surface according to EN 10 163. The thickness according to EN 10 029. The basic material is specified and marked in the drawings documentation which is archived. Thus it is, additionally, possible to reprint a material test certificate for the specified burnts.
- Dimension tolerances of shaped burnts are according to STN EN ISO 9013 II B.
- The cut surface is secured by STN EN ISO 9013, II grade. Local cut surface defects are not taken to the consideration.

General conditions:

- It is possible to arrange casual or jet painting.
- The cutting details and documentation are processed on the basis of the demanded parameters of simple shapes and stripes or drawing documentation of the burnts in PDF, DXF or DWG formats delivered by mail, fax or personally.
- In documentation written in foreign languages it is needed to include all the essential data in Slovak language.
- The standard delivery time of materials on the stock is from 3 to 10 working days after the order has been confirmed. Express delivery orders are possible for extra charge. The delivery parity is by EXW or, when agreed otherwise, by our own transport directly to the customer.
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