News: We started work on new machine GIGAbend 60000 which allows to bend sheet to thickness of 3 mm :

GIGAbend 6000

Graphic control system ,Max. material 
thickness ,Gigabend 6000, 2x powerboster

Bending pattern
Finished product
vzor ohybov, ohýbačka, 120tT,Gigabend ,Ohýbanie tenkých plechov,steel bending
výrobok, presný ohyb plechu a tvárnenie,ohýbanie plechu

Technical parameters GIGAbend 6000
Clamping pressure
Working lenght
4060 mm
Folding angle
0°-135°(180°) mm 

Other parameters

 - New type of hybrid construction enables to use the quick drive alongside with high pressure
 - The part clamping is done with two patented Power Boosters
 - Graphic control system
 - Clamp adjustment due to different plate thickness
The bending parts are delivered with a rough surface accor-ding to EN 10 163. The thickness according to EN 10 029. Bending accuracy tolerances according to STN 014250.

General donditions:

The bending details and documentation are processed accor-ding to the drawing documentation delivered by mail, fax or personally, in formats: 2D - DWG, DXF, PDF, SLDDRW, ... 3D - SLPRT, IGES, STEP, SAT, ...
The standard delivery time of materials on the stock is from 3 to 10 working days after the order has been confirmed. Express deliveries are possible. The delivery partity is EXW producer or, when agreed, by our own transport directly to the customer.
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