Sheet leveling technology is the beast way to prepared sheet for burning or cutting:

-News: In our organization, we started work on the new machine HRC 80 , which is unmached. :

HRC 80

Leveling sheet ,accurate bends,HRC 80, balanced sheet
Leveling sheet, chart ,balanced sheet ,HRC 80, easier processability

Technical parameters HRC 80
Material thickness
0,8 - 20 mm
Total weight
Clamping pressure
120 t  

Other parameters

 - The machine is equipped with electro hydraulic control system for automatic leveling pressure
 - Integrated safety features
 - Space saving modular design
 - Effective overload protection
 - Electro hydraulic control system for automatic levelling pressure adjustment and feed control
 - 3D graphics control system
n the process of production of semi-finished flat parts with mechanical or heat processing (cutting, sandblasting), there is very often a deformation of the flat surface and with HRC 80 you can achieve the best levelling results.

General donditions:

The bending details and documentation are processed accor-ding to the drawing documentation delivered by mail, fax or personally, in formats: 2D - DWG, DXF, PDF, SLDDRW, ... 3D - SLPRT, IGES, STEP, SAT, ...
The standard delivery time of materials on the stock is from 3 to 10 working days after the order has been confirmed. Express deliveries are possible. The delivery partity is EXW producer or, when agreed, by our own transport directly to the customer.
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