HACO TSLX 3006 Table Shears:

  • The NC system automatically adjusts the shear gap in accordance with the material thickness and grade which enables to achieve a neat cut with a high precision. There is the possibility of soft blank holder adjustment for soft materials.

  • Technical parameters:
  • Thickness (max.)
    6,3 mm
    Width (max.)
    3 000 mm
    Minimal sheared dimension
    10 mm
    ±0,5 mm
    Adjustable backstop
    0÷820 mm
  • Maximal sheared material thickness is defined by material strength and the length of the sheared material

  • Material(sheet)
    Mat.strength (N/mm2)
    Max.thickness (mm)
    11375 (S235)
    11523 (S355)
    Structural steel
    (Stainless steel)

    Production conditions:

  • The basic material is specified and marked within the drawings documentation which is archived. Therefore, it is additionally possible to reprint a material test certificate for the specified pieces.
  • The blanks are delivered with a rough surface according to EN 10 163. The thickness according to EN 10 029.
  • The deformation of the sheared rim according to STN 014480. When shearing of long and tight stripes it is necessary to count with an oblong material twist and straightening that follows.
  • General conditions:

  • It is possible to arrange casual or jet painting.
  • The details and plans are processed in the PDF, DXF, DWG drawing documentation formats and delivered by mail, fax or personally.
  • In documentation written in foreign languages it is needed to include all the essential data in Slovak language.
  • The standard delivery time of materials on the stock is from 3 to 10 working days after the order has been confirmed. Express delivery orders are possible for extra charge. The delivery parity is by EXW or, when agreed otherwise, by our own transport directly to the customer.
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