Bending of thin sheets

In our organization, we started working on the new RAS GIGAbend 76,40 machine that allows bending of sheets to a thickness of 5 mm

RAS GIGAbend 76.40

Gigabend 6000

Bending pattern

vzor ohybu tenkého plechu

Finished product

vzor ohybu
Technical parameters GIGAbend 6000
Clamping pressure
Working lenght
4060 mm
Folding angle
0°-135°(180°) mm

Other parameters

  • New type of hybrid construction enables to use the quick drive alongside with high pressure
  • The part clamping is done with two patented Power Boosters
  • Graphic control system
  • Clamp adjustment due to different plate thickness

General condittions

  • The bending details and documentation are processed accor-ding to the drawing documentation delivered by mail, fax or personally, in formats: 2D – DWG, DXF, SLDDRW, … 3D –  STEP, SAT, solidworks …
  • The standard delivery date for stock is 3 to 10 business days after order confirmation, express order for extra charge. Delivery parity EXW manufacturer, or upon agreement, possible transport by PMR, s.r.o. To the destination.