Cutting and processing of dense material


Second-hand steel processing: laser, oxygen, plasma cutting, and bending and bending.
3D profile cutting

3D profile cutting

Progressive technology for machining pipes, open and closed profile materials with square, rectangular profile with high repeatability.
Laser welding


The company has a high-productive robotic workstation designed for laser welding using a powerful solid-state laser with optical guidance to the welding point.
Assembly of parts

Assembly of parts

Final treatment of machined steel to final part - machine parts


The company Prvá Martinská Rezáreň was founded in the year 1999. Its main line of business is the field of separation and bending of metallurgical materials. From its establishment on, the company is trying to take and ocuppy a stable position on the Slovak market of secondary manufacturing industry and of course to make itself a great name.

Implementation of the project with EU support

Delenie huntého materiálu eurofondy

Expansion of production operations at P M R, s.r.o. by providing CNC electromechanical sheet bender.

PMR s.r.o. beginning from 1­­­st of August 2008 has applied Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004 to its all production processes. Certificate refers to field of metallurgical steel cutting, bending and large-lot welding. Certificates in pdf format HERE..ISO 9001,ISO 14001

How does our company cover these services?

Simply by making use of its production premises of about 8 000 m2, its own transport, the highest technology and machine pool as well as quality human resources.

From the storage premises, dispatchers and controllers, through manufacturing workshops and the cutting technology , the purchasing department, team of programmers, the inquiries department up to the financial management and the business and production managers… All elements of the company have to be in tune so that the final product is made out to the maximal satisfaction of our customers and is the picture of team work in our organization. The company produces more than 8000 tons of semifinished products in a year for its partners, mainly small and middle sized businesses, but also for large multinational and respected machinery companies.


Today the company is a modern manufacturing organization with a stable list of customers. Using the system of custom work we deliver our products to our customers exactly in accordance with their needs and demands. The fact that in many cases our partners are working based on the Just in Time system proves our excellent relationships with our customers. It is exceedigly essential for them not only to get products of the highest quality but also exactly on time.

In the year 2005 the company has established a calibration laboratory, where we offer the calibrations of measuring instruments in accordance with the valid metrology legislation.