3D Laser Cutting of Profiles-(laser tube cutting)

Progressive technology for machining pipes, closed profile materials with square, rectangular profile with high repeatability.

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Adige LT8

3D laserové rezanie profilov

In January 2012 our organization launched the production at higly productive 3D laser cutting center Adige LT8. This machine is particularly characterized by a fully automatic process of unloading, machining and following unloading, what allows significantly to reduce machine times.

Mazak fabri Gear 300

3D laserové rezanie profilov

Beginning from August 2008 we are going to start complete new 3-dimensional laser cutting center.

Machine is able to cut pipes and beams of several shapes (round, square, triangle, elliptic, L-profiles, U-profiles and H-beams etc.)

Mazak Fabri
Adige LT8
Max. lenght of pipe / beam
12 m
8 m
Dimensions of profile:
– round pipe
Ø40 – Ø267 mm
Ø12 – Ø220 mm
– square pipes
40 x 40 – 250 x 250 mm
10 x 10 – 200 x 200 mm
– U, L, C
40 x 40 – 250 x 250 mm
30 x 20 – 200 x 200 mm
– H, I
40 x 40 – 210 x 210 mm
Max. profile wall thickness / Max. cutting angle:
– black steel
22 mm/0°,16 mm/45°
10 mm/0°
– aluminium
8 mm/0°
Max. weight
72,6 kg/m
33 kg/m

These machines allows 2D and 3D cutting under different angles as well as consequential screw cutting. Using such technology enables to merge shearing, bevel cutting, milling, drilling, screw cutting etc. into the one operation.

Essentially saves machine and operation time.

No need to put welded parts into a fixture due to possibility to cut them in certain way which increases production efficiency and reduces costs.

Technical support:

We also offer technical support with projection of welded profiles specifically details of welded planes (not the strength calculation).

Cutting program:

  • projection of 3D model based on the customer’s drawings by our programmer
  • import of customer’s DXF files
  • import of customer’s 3D model files in one of the following formats: Para Solid, 3D Iges, ACIS, STEP,  etc.