Accredited calibration laboratory

The calibration laboratory offers the calibration of undefined measuring instruments according to the valid metrology legislation in the following fields of measurement

Our laboratory offer – lenght

 – Knotting of ending scales ranging from 0,5 to 500 mm – reference standards of the 3rd and 4th class
 – Calibration of plug and thread gauges and rings up to 270 mm
 – Calibration of calliper gauges and rings up to 1500 mm
 – Calibration of micrometric gauges of all kinds up to 1000 mm
 – Calibration of dial indicators of all kinds with division of 0,001 and 0,01mm
 – Calibration of steel bar up to 2000 mm
 – Calibration of steel of racking rules up to 10 m and other length rules
Akreditované kalibračné skúšobné laboratórium, kalibrácia dĺžky uhla,

Flat angle

– Calibration of protractors
– Calibration of angles up to 750 mm
– Calibration of sine rules

Another metrology activities

We also offer metrologic survey, judgements and expertise (references to rules, judgements to documentation according to rules), consultations (methodics of measuring, indeterminateness of measuring) and staff training to various instruments in the fields of measuring of length and flat angles.

Accreditation and Acreditation range
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