Shearing technology

It is a tear-free cutting of material in which wedges (knives) enter the material from both sides. The blades must have adequate strength, shape and close contact at the point of cutting in order to accurately break the material.

The NC system automatically adjusts the shear gap in accordance with the material thickness and grade which enables to achieve a neat cut with a high precision. There is the possibility of soft blank holder adjustment for soft materials.

Thickness (max.)
6,3 mm
Width (max.)
3 000 mm
Minimal sheared dimension
10 mm
±0,5 mm
Adjustable backstop
0÷820 mm
Beztrieskové delenie, presné delenie materiálu

Production conditions

  • The blanks are delivered with a rough surface according to EN 10 163. The thickness according to EN 10 029.
  • The deformation of the sheared rim according to STN 014480. When shearing of long and tight stripes it is necessary to count with an oblong material twist and straightening that follows.

General conditions

  • The material quality is determined in the customers drawings and upon request. It is possible to provide a material certificate for any part.
  • It is possible to arrange painting or sandblasting of the parts. If the parts are according to the drawing specifications processed for bending, the parts will always be sandblasted.
  • The parts are delivered with a rough surface according to EN 10 163.
  • Shape dimension tolerances of parts are delivered according EN 10029.
  • Cut surface quality is assured according STN EN ISO 9013 grade II. Local surface defects are not taken into consideration.
  • The standard delivery time, when the material is available on stock, is from 3 to 10 labour days, after the order confirmation.
  • Express delivery orders are possible upon request and extra charge. The delivery parity is EXW or, otherwise when agreed upon. PMR, has the possibility to arrange transport upon request.